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Milanese style risotto, saffron pistils and roast meat sauce (15 minutes)
15 euro

Veal tongue 16 euro, green sauce, poplar mushrooms and Bella lodi cheese sauce
16 euro

Veal ossobuco, milanese style risotto and saffron pistils (15 minutes)
35 euro

Breaded milanese-style veal cutlet, wild rucola and cherry tomatoes
28 euro


Italian cured meats and carasau bread
Large 16 euro ● Small 10 euro

Blanched grilled octopus, capers and anchovies mush, shredded Andria mozzarella
17 euro

Scalded mackerel, pumpkin cream, Taggia olives crumbled baked and ginger beer dressing
Main 15 euro ● Starter 9 euro

Turbot tartare, flavored with rosemary, sauteed porcini mushrooms, blueberry coulì and bread crumble
18 euro

Duck’s foie gras, brioche dough, chilli compote, bitter cocoa and curly endive
Large 21 euro ● Small 13 euro

Diaphragm of Fassona roast beef, roasted Jerusalem artichokes, soft bagna cauda and cereal bread chips
Large 15 euro ● Small 9 euro

7 euro


Spaghetti creamed with clams and mullet botargo
16 euro

Fresh trofie pasta, violet potatoes, citrus fruit and Mazara del Vallo red shrimp
Large 19 euro ● Small 13 euro

Homemade polenta pignoletto gnocchi, cacio cheese and pepper and fried caper
Large 15 euro ● Small 19 euro

Homemade beef tail ravioli, chestnuts cream and raw savoy
Large 20 euro ● Small 13 euro

Pumpkin cream, fondue cheese sauce, amaretto and dried vegetables
13 euro


Rib of beef with baked potatoes, shredded Andria mozzarella and Madagascar pepper
26 euro

Roasted duck breast, sauteed cardoon, Monte Veronese cheese and maple syrup sauce
23 euro

Beef cheek slow-cooked in Piedmontese Barbera wine, mashed potatoes
24 euro

Scalded amberfish, chickpea hummus, olive tapenade, burnt leek and yogurt sauce
26 euro

Fried codfish with soused seasoned vegetables
24 euro

Catch of the day fish

“All in” fresh potatoes chips
8 euro

Steamed vegetables
7 euro


Selection of italian cheeses with jams and honey
15 euro

Classic Tiramisù
8 euro

, marron glacé, vanilla spume and almond brittle
8 euro

Cocholate bavarois, banana biscuits and salted caramel
8 euro

Blackberry cake, calvados foam and mou cream
8 euro

White chocolate mousse, creamy hazelnut and white truffle
25 euro

Sorbet and ice cream “Repubblica”
6 euro

Coperto € 4 – Cover charge € 4 / Free Wi-Fi: repubblica2010 – In caso di allergie e/o intolleranze avvertire il nostro personale di sala.

Gli alimenti sono freschi all’origine e potrebbero essere da noi abbattuti per migliorarne la conservabilità