Milanese Cuisine

At Piazza Repubblica restaurant you can taste the true Milanese cuisine, made with the same love of the past: an irresistible sensory experience. And given that food business cannot only take care of the pleasure of food, but today more than ever even to healthy eating, our menu offers an authentic interpretation – but careful to wellness – of the Lombard tradition, with great attention to the quality of the raw material and the healthier feature of the finished recipe.

According to Alex Brambilla, our Chef, love for the raw material and respect for tradition without ever changing it too much, is the main secret of every dish.

From the yellow risotto to the ossobuco, from the Milanese breaded steak to the busecca, from the cassoeula to the mundeghili, up to the inevitable gorgonzola, the Milanese culinary repertoire of Piazza Repubblica interprets those tastes, flavors and colors that not only resisted the assaults of recent fashions and trends, but they came out even stronger.

A taste of a traditional dish of Milanese cuisine at the Piazza Repubblica and in your dreams you’re already living the moods, the character and the availability of the inhabitants of Milan, because philosophy and culture have to pass from food first.